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The information contained herein is as exhaustive as possible regarding therapeutic hypnosis as a technique with an enormous potential, though quite unknown. Clinical hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, is a rapid, effective, very powerful and lacking of side effects way to approach to different pathologies; and which in fact has been employed more and more frequently for some time now. Its numerous applications range from anesthetic hypnosis to physiological treatment, including all the mental disorders that are not genetic.

Professional Associations

Academic Credentials

The "Sociedad de Hipnotrapia Clínica" [Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy] was founded in Valencia, at a national level, in December 2003, from among a group of professionals trained at the "Escuela Superior de Hipnoterapia de Valencia" [High School of Hypnotherapy of Valencia], the only school that teaches inductive clinical hypnosis; which is the most powerful discipline in the clinical hypnosis field, clearly differentiated from the rest of the schools or tendencies, because of its versatility and curative capacity. This is the only professional association with international acknowledgement among the most prestigious worldwide organizations in the five continents.

- Co-founder of the "Sociedad de Hipnoterapia Clínica (SHC)" [SCH], 1° Vice-president and General Coordinator of it.
- Member of honor of the National Parapsychological Foundation of America.
- Member of honor of the World Federation of Parapsychologist.
- Technician specialized in hypnoidal Therapies ("Escuela Superior de Hipnoterapia de Valencia")

  Established in 1951, it is one of the major and most prestigious worldwide associations of hypnotherapists. Nowadays, I belong to this organization as the only Spanish professional, as "Certified hypnotherapist". Founded in 1951, it assembles hypnotherapists from almost every country, with diverse degrees and distinguished professional sections.

  The United Fellowship of Hypnotherapists is the most prestigious English society of Europe and one of the oldest in the world. It assembles professional hypnotherapists from different countries, with the highest worldwide qualifications.

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